We are a non aligned, non affiliated Kenpo school practising the 24 technique syllabus system originated by Mr Parker, Senior Grandmaster of KENPO. This includes all the sets, forms, self defence techniques and freestyle techniques, referred  as METHOD and SYLLABUS.

By utilising aspects of Chi Gung, Yoga, Body Conditioning and Combat Training and layering these aspects into our Kenpo Training we find there is no limitation to what we can achieve with our Kenpo by our own efforts.

Underpinning the above is the intellectual aspect of Mr Parkers conceptual analysis which is explored within the context of self defence and freestyle techniques leading over time into Combat.

I would describe the process in the following way: 


"All things begin with space and time, the three dimensional universal pattern and duration. Within this pattern are all geometric, linear, circular and elliptical representations. Think of a point, add directions and duration and you have a pathway. All of which encompasses you from your centre of the universal globe to the range of your weapons. As you move so does the globe, as you turn so does the globe unfolding the dark. 
Reference your environment with your self, your outer rim, add segmentation of the 7 vertical and 3 horizontal zones, contained within the conceptual box. This forms your matrix. Where this applies to your own position in space and time references your defensive, where this applies to, your opponents references your offensive, as you enter your opponents matrix, you impose your own culminating in conceptual action such as angel of entry, contouring strike with frictional torque, fitted strike. Depth of penetration with gravitational marriage, angle of departure etc .. " 

Underpinning the above matrix as anatomy, physiology, bio mechanics and neurological pathways and centres. The above makes sense when utilising scenarios within the system to engage in pre-programmed reactions to pre-programmed action, the aim of which over time is to develop intuitive reactions to unknown action on a reformulation of the system without forethought in relative safety. 
On reading method some of the above will make more sense however these concepts are very KENPO specific and really pander to those who may know a little of the art. Methodic is more general. we hope to continually update this site to visit every now and then.