We are a stand alone, non affiliated Kenpo school. We practice the 24 technique syllabus system set out and originated by Mr Parker, Senior Grandmaster of KENPO.  This includes all the sets, forms, self defence techniques and freestyle techniques, referred to in the “Infinite Insights” series of books by Mr Parker.

By utilising and layering aspects of Qi Gong, Yoga, Body Conditioning and Combat Training into our Kenpo Training we find there is no limitation to what we can achieve within Kenpo by our own efforts.

Underpinning all of the above is the intellectual aspect of Mr Parkers’ conceptual analysis which is explored within the context of self defence and freestyle techniques leading over time into Combat.

In short, we train hard-no shortcuts or excuses and no egos or school politics.



to teach- not harm.

What we do is not for everyone, training is physically and mentally demanding. It WILL hurt and it takes a relatively long time to achieve a high rank but it is relative to the effort expended. We believe that when you are ready-you grade…not before!

Regardless of what level past black belt we have achieved we only wear a plain black belt, no red tabs. We train to become “full system” practitioners, to develop ourselves and the system itself-not to achieve a belt full of red tabs! We strongly believe that each of us is only as good as what we can do (currently).

“a black belt is not something that you get, its something that you become.”


A combination of Qi gong, yoga and various tension forms are used in conjunction with hand eye coordination and conditioning sets to achieve the best possible results from our training.



This section is important to mention and is perhaps one of the most paramount aspects of martial arts training, but in many schools the least practiced. During training too often you see a defenders block fold or buckle, or an attackers strike soft and indirect. It would be silly to believe that your technique is going to improve when the quality of attack does not have the sincerity commensurate with the level of skill and grade requirements of both attacker and defender.

In the street it is unlikely protagonists will be impressed with technique alone. There’s an old saying, “cry in the dojo, laugh on the battlefield.” While this is an extreme example, the theory is sound. It is better to be challenged in a training environment then it is on the street.


Mark Collings. The head honcho... started training in American Kenpo 30 years ago.

Nathan O’Donohue. The head ....ache?? started in kenpo 20 years ago under Marks tutelage.